GGSIPU CET Previous Year Papers For Exam Preparation Download

By   April 10, 2016

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU) Previous papers for CET exam are being provided below for the exam preparations. IP University CET Previous Question Papers will contain all the questions which have been asked in the exam once. Practicing these, you can know better that what type of study is required at your level. Download all the previous papers from below and practice them well for exam.

Question1.The specific heat at constant pressure is greater than that of the same gas at constant volume because

  1. At constant volume work is done in expanding the gas
  2. At constant pressure work is done in expanding the gas
  3. The molecular attraction increases more at constant pressure
  4. The molecular vibration increases more at constant pressure

Question2. The freezing point of the liquids decreases when pressure is increased, if the liquid

  1. Expands while freezing
  2. Contracts while freezing
  3. Does not change in volume while freezing
  4. None

Question3. Television signals on earth cannot be received at distances greater than 100 km from the transmission station. The reason behind this is that

  1. The receiver antenna is unable to detect the signal at a distance greater than 100 km
  2. The TV programme consists of both audio and video signals
  3. The TV signals are less powerful than radio signals
  4. The surface of earth is curved like a sphere


Question4. A satellite of the earth is revolving in a circular orbit with a uniform speed v. If gravitational force suddenly disappears, the satellite will:

  1. Continue to move with the speed v along the original orbit
  2. Move with the velocity v tangentially to the original orbit
  3. Fall downward with increasing velocity
  4. Ultimately come to rest somewhere on the original orbit

Question5. The motion of an electric charge produces

  1. Only an electric field
  2. Only a magnetic field
  3. Both magnetic and electric field
  4. None of the above

Question6. Among the following reactions, the fastest one is

  1. Precipitation of silver chloride by mixing silver nitrate and sodium chloride solutions
  2. Burning of coal
  3. Rusting of iron in moist air
  4. Conversion of monoclinic sulphur to rhombic sulphur

Download all set of questions papers from below and study well for the exam. Better Preparations for the exam will lead to good score in the exam.



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