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JET Clerk Exam Previous Year Question Papers

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JET(Joint Employment Test) Previous Year Question Papers for Clerk Exam.


JET(Joint Employment Test) Previous Year Question Papers for Clerk Exam :Must be solved by all the candidates who are preparing for the JET Clerk Examination, for recruitment on the post of Clerk  in various  organizations and departments. It is a great source to prepare for the examination in a comprehensive manner. Once a candidate has completed studying the syllabus, he must proceed to solve the sample papers.

Sample papers are usually issued by a lot of private coaching institutes and online education portals. We will also host the direct link to download the sample papers in sometime for your convenience. Meanwhile, read the following article for more information on the use and benefits of sample papers.

Benefits of using JET JE Sample Papers 2015

The benefits of using and solving sample papers are manifold. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • By solving the sample papers, candidates can come to know of the examination pattern. He will know the number and type of questions, marking scheme, examination structure and the subject-weightage. This helps a lot as becoming familiar with the paper can improve efficiency in the actual examination.
  • If you solve the sample papers, you can come to know how well prepared you are. Once you are done with covering syllabi, you must pick up sample papers and start solving them. With every hurdle faced, you shall know which part of the topic/subject you need to work upon. This is beneficial as sample paper work as performance parameter.

1. 495+75% of 660=?





E.None of these

(Ans). C 990

2. (5)^3×(25)^2=(5)^?×(125)^2





E.None of these

(Ans).  1

3. 14×15-483÷23=?-100





E.None of these

(Ans) 289

4. 8, 13, 28, 53, 88, ?





E.None of these

(Ans) 133

5. 6, 15, 28, 45, 66, ?





E.None of these

(Ans) 91

6. 13, 21, 37, 69, 133, ?





E.None of these

(Ans)  261

7. If the letters of the word ‘SUPERIOR’ are arranged in the English alphabetical order, the position of how many letters will remain unchanged ?

5) None of these

(Ans) ONE

8. In a certain code language THREAT is written as UBFSIU and FIRE is written as FSJG. How is UNRIPE written in that code language ?

5) None of these

(Ans) 3.FQJSFO


Directions (9-13): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions:

Seven persons A, B, C, D, K, L and N are seated in a straight line facing north in ascending order of their salaries. N earns more than L and D. N earns more than A but he does not earn the highest. A earns more than L. The person who earns the second highest receives a salary of Rs. 35,000 while the third lowest earner receives Rs. 23,000.  K earns less than L but more than D. C earns Rs. 18,000.

9. Who among the following earn(s) more than Rs. 23,000 but less than Rs. 35.000?

(1) Only A

(2) Only L

(3) A and L

(4) K and L

(5) A and N

(Ans) (3) A and L

10. Who among the following may earn Rs. 21.000?  

(Ans) (2) D

11. Who among the following earns more than K but less than A?

(5) B

(Ans)(4) L

12. Who among the following earns the highest?

(5) K

(Ans)(1) B

13. Who among the following earns Rs. 35,000?

(5) N

(Ans)(5) N

 14. Currency notes deposited in the currency chest are the property of ____?
a) Respective bank
b) RBI
c) SBI
d) Government of India
e) Respective state Government

(Ans) b) RBI

15. A fixed deposit receipt is kept with the bank for its safety, is known as ___?
a) Safe custody
b) Safe deposit
c) Locker
d) Valid safe deposit
e) None of the above

(Ans)a) Safe custody

16. What does EBCDIC stand for?
A) Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
B) Extended Bit Code Decimal Interchange Code
C) Extended Bit Case Decimal Interchange Code
D) Extended Binary Case Decimal Interchange Code

(Ans)A) Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

17. Storage capacity of magnetic disk depends on

A) tracks per inch of surface

B) bits per inch of tracks

C) disk pack in disk surface
D) All of above

(Ans)C) disk pack in disk surface

18. The two kinds of main memory are:
A) Primary and secondary
B) Random and sequential
C) ROM and RAM
D) All of above

(Ans)C) ROM and RAM

19. Integrated Circuits (ICs) are related to which generation of computers?
A) First generation
B) Second generation
C) Third generation
D) Fourth generation

(Ans)Third generation

20. CD-ROM is a
A) Semiconductor memory
B) Memory register
C) Magnetic memory
D) None of above
(Ans)D) None of above

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