Siya Ke Ram 4th April 2016 Written Updates : Janak Support Bharat

By   April 4, 2016

The Episode starts with Mandvi, Urmila and Shruthkirti hugging Janak and crying. Sumanta asks Maharaj Janak you here. Janak says I know what happened here, I also feel we should get Ram back to Ayodhya, I m sure if we all go there, then Ram will surely come back. Everyone say we are with you. Maatu sacheev…..plays………. Guru Vashisht gives his nod to Bharat. Bharat happily cries and thanks him. He asks Sumanta to prepare for departure. Sumanta nods.

siya ke ram

Siya Ke Ram 4th April 2016 Written Updates

Ram feels uneasiness/flaming in his hands. Sita runs to him and asks what happened. He says don’t know, I m having burning sensation by this kan juice. Sita gets water and asks him to dip hands in water. She cleans his hands with her dupatta. She blows on his hands and cries. She asks how is he now. He wipes her tears and says your touch has magic. Laxman comes and asks is food ready. Sita says it will be cooked in some time, just wait a little.

Mandvi asks Janak why did he decide to support Bharat, is he not agreeing with Ram’s decision. Janak smiles and says I know what you are saying, Ram has done right being a son, Bharat wants to do this which is right being a brother, there is no reason to disagree. Mandvi says but I have known Ram, I don’t think he will come back, he wanted to fulfill his duty and did not wait on Dasharath’s saying too, if he does not come on Bharat’s request, will Bharat’s sorrow not increase. Janak asks him to understand Bharat, when Ram went for vanvaas, Bharat was not here, he would feel that if he was here, then he would have not let this happen, now he is getting chance to rectify this, if you stop him from doing so, he will regret that he did not try, there is no harm in trying, think if Ram returns by Bharat’s request, this family and Praja’s sorrow will get less, Ram’s return will bring happiness and balance in this family. The girls hug him and smile. Janak sees Kaikeyi there.

Kaikeyi stops Mandvi from leaving. Janak greets Kaikeyi. She apologizes and says you came Ayodhya when there is big problem, its all because of me, I m culprit of all your daughters, especially Sita’s. Janak says these four are your daughters, even Sita, I know you loved Ram the most, everyone is aware of this, I heard that Ram loves you the most. Kaikeyi nods. Janak smiles and says Ram obeys you always. Kaikeyi says I came to apologize, but I want to thank you now, I heard a lot about you, that you are great virtue, a knowledgeable man with positive attitude, you have me hope today, you did big favor on me by reminding me about Ram’s love, I will go to Ram and apologize to him, I will request him to return to Ayodhya, I m sure Ram will agree to me, you did big favor. Janak says sure…. Kaikeyi looks at Mandvi. Mandvi cries. Kaikeyi leaves.

Everyone get together to leave for van. Kaikeyi stops Bharat and says you did big favor on me by deciding to get Ram back, I know my crime is too big, I can’t repent even if I want to, but if you feel I did anything good in my life, then do a favor on me, take me along so that I can apologize to Ram, Sita and Laxman, and request them to come back. Bharat goes ahead. Kaushalya stops Bharat. She tells Kaikeyi that it will be good if you come, Ram always obeys you, you command him, come. She asks Bharat to come. They all leave.

Sita serves the food to Ram and Laxman. Laxman likes the kan’s taste. Sita does not take the credit. Laxman says you used to make great food in Mithila too and praises the food. Sita says Ram has helped me in cooking today, his love is also there. They smile. Laxman says so this is the secret and smiles seeing Ram. Rishi comes there and calls out Dasharath Nandan. Laxman goes out to see. Ram and Sita look on. Laxman asks what’s the matter, any problem. Rishi says we got to know your brother Bharat is coming here with his army. Laxman thinks I know Bharat is coming to kill Ram and me, to secure his throne, I m enough to fail him and his army. He gets angry and turns to look at Ram and Sita.

Bharat, Guru Vashisht, all family members walk ahead with army. Guru Vashisht tells Bharat that they reached Chitrakupt. Bharat smiles and asks them to rest, I will find in which ashram is Ram staying, Shatrughan you stay here with Mata, I will just come. Ram ram…plays…. Bharat leaves.

Laxman says don’t know what Bharat wants, I was going to Kaikeya to fight with him, you would have not stopped me, Bharat is doing this for Raj paath and throne. Ram asks what are you thinking about Bharat, he has no greed for throne, he is compassionate, he has such qualities. Laxman says no. He tells Sita that Bharat has done wrong, he has hurt Ram, its big Adharm to leave him alive. He gets angry and leaves, while Sita asks him to stop. Sita asks Ram why did you not stop Laxman. Ram says he is angry now, anger will calm down after meeting truth, his anger will calm down the moment he meets Bharat.

Laxman sees Bharat and the army. He says it doubt was right, I will not leave him alive. He shoots arrows and stops them. Bharat gets shocked seeing Laxman. He smiles seeing Laxman….. and says my brother Laxman. He proceeds. Laxman gets down and aims arrow, saying if you take a step ahead, my arrow will take your life, before you fight with Ram, you have fight with me, go back, this is my last warning. Bharat asks fight, this punishment is right for me, my life should have ended before birth, I accept death by your hands than losing your trust. Laxman says I won’t come in your cheat, just return. Bharat cries.

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