Narendra Modi also said during a tweet on his Twitter account that he would make a very important announcement while addressing the country in the afternoon. Follow us for other updates

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During an announcement on Wednesday during Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his Modi Live program, a good missile has been successfully tested in India. He also said that this is a very good and reliable weapon.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said that this experiment has been made for India's security and not for any war. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also called this missile a rare achievement. This missile successfully completed its orbital journey up to a height of 300 km.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed this test in the name of Mission Shakti and explained it as being better and more important.

1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that our country has become the fourth country with such special and state-of-the-art capability.

2. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this test that this test is made entirely of indigenous technology.

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