CBSE 2016-17 Academic Calendar for Events, Programs and Exam Dates Released Online

By   April 8, 2016

The Central Board of Secondary Education also known as CBSE has already released the academic calendar for the year 2016 – 17.

Under desk calendar any student who is studying with the CBSE Board schools will be able to check on the exam dates, programs, projects and events that will be taking place in the due course of the academic year.


All the dates and functions that are scheduled will be mentioned here however there will be certain changes based on a few factors. For example holidays might vary from state to state depending upon the local festivals or political and social conditions. Also based on the school the programs or offence might differ.

A candidate nevertheless has the opportunity to check for the calendar and see the dates for himself. In order to do so he must visit the official website of The Central Board of Secondary Education.

Checking the calendar for the year 2016 and 17 will not be a very difficult job. Students can easily login to and check the calendar from there. It will be a complete guide line of how I’m went to attend which program and activity and how it would be able to help a student in either getting a better grade all in getting proper marks.

Some mandatory functions are present in every school which has to be attended by every student and these also will be mentioned there. The practice of releasing a calendar is a regular 1.

Every year CBSE board releases its own calendar for the students and this year as well the same has been introduced. The students comma teachers and principals all have some roll all the other to play in the list of events that are mentioned in the schools that are affiliated to this board can easily look into the calendar and plan their schools yearly calendar in accordance to that.

The key of holidays available on the calendar that is given is quite simple to understand. According to CBSE the abbreviations GH stand for gazetted holiday. R h stands for restricted holidays and is restricted to the offices in the central government in Delhi.

Other days that are treated as holidays are some important International and national holidays. Every isn’t, every holiday and every month schedule is very clearly mentioned in the academic calendar that has been released by the CBSE.

If you wish to check the calendar yourself you would need to visit the official website as mentioned earlier and then click on the link that stays academic calendar 2016 to 17. Here you will be able to see the calendar displayed in a pdf format that can either be saved or printed for further reference.

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