Previous Year Exam Papers BITSAT 2010 Physics

By   April 4, 2016

BITSAT Past Exam Paper Physics – 2010

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  1. Question 1 of 40
    1. Question

    The dimensions of the quantity hc (where h 1) is

  2. Question 2 of 40
    2. Question

    One second after the projection, a stone  moves at an angle of 45° with the horizon. Two second from the start, it is travelling horizontally, its angle of projection with the horizon is (given g = 10 ms−2)

  3. Question 3 of 40
    3. Question

    A sphere of mass m moving with a constant velocity u hits another stationary sphere of the same mass. If e is the coefficient of restitution, then the ratio of the velocity of two spheres after collision will be

  4. Question 4 of 40
    4. Question

    When the mass is rotated in a plane about a fixed point its angular momentum is directed along the

  5. Question 5 of 40
    5. Question

    If the radius of the earth were to shrink  by one percent, its mass remaining the same, the value of g on the earth’s surface would

  6. Question 6 of 40
    6. Question

    Density of sea water is 1.03 gcc−1. A ship passes from fresh water into sea water. It will

  7. Question 7 of 40
    7. Question

    Water is flowing through a tube of non-uniform cross-section. If the radii of the tube at the entrance and the exit are in the ratio 3 : 2, then the ratio of the velocities of flow of water at the entrance and the exit is

  8. Question 8 of 40
    8. Question

    The equation 8 represents the equation of motion for a

  9. Question 9 of 40
    9. Question

    A star emits light of wavelength λ and it is receding from the earth with a speed vs. The shift in the wavelength of the spectral line observed on the earth is

  10. Question 10 of 40
    10. Question

    The end A of rod AB length 1 m is maintained at 80℃ and the end B at 0℃. The temperature at a distance of 60 cm from the end A is

  11. Question 11 of 40
    11. Question

    Two bulbs which  consume powers P1 and P2 are connected in series. The power consumed by the combination is

  12. Question 12 of 40
    12. Question

    A current carrying circular coil is bent so as to convert it into a double loop, both the loops being concentric and are carrying current in the same direction. If B is the initial magnetic field at the centre, the final magnetic field at the centre will be

  13. Question 13 of 40
    13. Question

    Ions of different momenta (p), having the same charge, enter normally a  uniform magnetic field. The radius of the orbit of an ion is proportional to

  14. Question 14 of 40
    14. Question

    The impedance of a circuit consists of 3Ω resistance and 4Ω reactance. The power factor of the circuit is

  15. Question 15 of 40
    15. Question

    Of the following, the one which has the largest de-Broglie wavelength for the same speed is

  16. Question 16 of 40
    16. Question

    A block of mass 5 kg is placed on a rough inclined plane. The inclination of the plane is gradually increased till the block just begins to slide down. The inclination of the  plane is than 3 in 5. The coefficient of friction between the block and the plane is (g = 10 ms−2)

  17. Question 17 of 40
    17. Question

    A body covers a total distance of 3S. The first S is covered with a velocity u the second S with v and the last S with ω. Then, the average velocity during the whole journey is

  18. Question 18 of 40
    18. Question

    A block weighing w is held against a vertical wall by pressing horizontally with a force F. Then, F needed to hold the block is


  19. Question 19 of 40
    19. Question

    A solid cylinder of mass 2 kg rolls down (pure rolling) an inclined plane from a height of 4 m. Its rotational  kinetic energy when its reaches the foot of the plane is (g = 10 ms−2)

  20. Question 20 of 40
    20. Question

    The mean radius of the earth’s orbit around the sun is 1.5 × 1011 m and that of the orbit of mercury is 6 × 1010 m. The mercury will revolve around the sun is nearly

  21. Question 21 of 40
    21. Question

    A liquid X of density 3.36 g/cm3 is poured in a U-tube, which contains Hg. Another liquid Y is poured in left arm with height 8cm, upper levels of X and Y are same. What is density of Y?

  22. Question 22 of 40
    22. Question

    Three conductors draw respectively currents of 1 A, 2 A and 4 A when connected in turn across a battery. If they are connected in series across the same battery, the current drawn will be

  23. Question 23 of 40
    23. Question

    One junction of a thermocouple is at a particular temperature T, an another is at T. Its thermoemf is expressed as 23 . At temperature T = T0/2, the value of thermo electric  power will be

  24. Question 24 of 40
    24. Question

    A convex lens makes a real  image 4cm long on a screen. When the lens is shifted to new position without disturbing the object, we again get a real image on the screen which is 16 cm tall. The length of the object must be

  25. Question 25 of 40
    25. Question

    In germanium the energy gap is about 0.75 eV. The wavelength of light which germanium starts absorbing is

  26. Question 26 of 40
    26. Question

    The transmitting antenna of a radio station is mounted vertically. At a point 10 km due north of the transmitter the peak electric field is 10−3 Vm−1. The magnitude of the radiated magnetic filed is

  27. Question 27 of 40
    27. Question

    In order to increase the current sensitivity of a moving coil galvanometer the

  28. Question 28 of 40
    28. Question

    In a 10 m deep lake, the bottom is at a constant temperature of 4℃. The air temperature is constant at −4℃. The thermal conductivity of ice is 3 times that of water. Neglecting the expansion of water on freezing, the maximum thickness of ice will

  29. Question 29 of 40
    29. Question

    The ratio of the adiabatic bulk modulus to the isothermal bulk modulus of a perfect gas with f degrees of freedom is

  30. Question 30 of 40
    30. Question

    A pole is floating in a liquid with 80 cm of its length immersed. It is pushed down a certain distance and then released. Time period of vertical oscillation is

  31. Question 31 of 40
    31. Question

    The radius of a wheel is R and its radius of gyration about its axis passing through its centre and perpendicular to its plane is K. If the wheel is rolling without slipping, the ratio of its rotational kinetic energy to its translational kinetic energy is

  32. Question 32 of 40
    32. Question

    An inclined track ends of in a circular loop of radius r. From what height on the track a particle should be released so that it completes the loop, assuming there is no friction?


  33. Question 33 of 40
    33. Question

    Two loudspeakers L1 and L2, driven by a common oscillator and amplifier, are arranged as shown. The frequency of the oscillator is gradually increase from zero and the detector at D records a series of maxima and minima. If the speed of sound is 330 ms−1, then the frequency at which the first maximum is observed is


  34. Question 34 of 40
    34. Question

    A stretched string of length 2m vibrates in 4 segments. The distance between consecutive nodes is

  35. Question 35 of 40
    35. Question

    A body of mass 2 kg is placed on a horizontal surface having coefficienct of kinetic friction 0.4 and limiting coefficient of static friction 0.5. If horizontal force 2.5 N is applied on the body, the frictional force acting on the body will be (g = 10 ms−2)

  36. Question 36 of 40
    36. Question

    The time taken by the current to rise to 0.63 of its maximum value in a DC circuit containing inductance (L) and resistance (R) depends on

  37. Question 37 of 40
    37. Question

    24 identical cells, each of internal resistance 0.5 Ω, are arranged in a parallel combination of n rows, each row containing m cells in series. The combination is connected across a resistor of 3 Ω. In order to send maximum current through the resistor, we should have

  38. Question 38 of 40
    38. Question

    If v is the molecular speed and l is the mean free path of molecule of a gas, then the collision frequency is

  39. Question 39 of 40
    39. Question

    At t = 0, a transverse wave pulse in a wire is described by the function 39 where x and y are in metre. The function y(x, t) that describes this wave equation, if it is travelling in the positive x direction with a speed of 4.5 ms−1 is

  40. Question 40 of 40
    40. Question

    A playground merry-go-round is at rest, pivoted about a frictionless axis. A child of mass m runs along the path tangential to the rim with speed v and jumps on to merry-go-round. If R be the radius of merry-go-round and I is the moment of inertia, then the angular velocity of the merry-go-round and the child is

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