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CBSE Improvement Form And Re-Evaluation Process 2016

CBSE Improvement
CBSE Re-Evaluation/Re-Checking

The Result for board exams is out. Some are happy with their result while some are disappointed, and then there are those who are unsatisfied. If you are thinking to apply for improvement exam or re-evaluation/re-checking for class 10th or class 12th, then you are just at the right place. But, let me first illustrate the difference between these two.

Those who did not perform well in their board exams, and hence, could not get the desired marks, such student can apply for the improvement of marks (rest of the details are given below).

For those students who are glooming because they think that their copies were not checked properly, and therefore, want their answer sheet checked again, can apply for re-evaluation or re-checking. So, this is the basic difference between improvement and re-checking.

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All the details like the procedure for applying, date sheet, admit card, and result is given in this article, for both improvement and re-evaluation for the convenience of students. Let’s discuss them in detail.

CBSE Improvement Exam For Class 10th & 12th

As mentioned above, those who want to improve their marks can apply for the improvement exam. There are students who do want to apply for improvement, but do not apply because they do not know the exact procedure and details.

To help such students, here in this article, I have tried to cover maximum queries and questions that students face while applying for the improvement of performance. You can navigate through the content by clicking on the buttons given below to get desired information.

Improvement Guidelines, Details And FAQ’s

Here are some questions that students usually struggle with, when it comes to improvement exam.

Question:- When are the forms for improvement available?

— The process of form filling starts from the month of July every year.

Question:- When are the exams conducted?

— The exams are conducted along with the regular exams in the preceding year. The result will also be declared at the same time.

Question:- In how many subjects can I apply for improvement?

You can apply for all the subjects, but if you are fail in any subject, then you can not apply for it. Also, you can not apply for main subjects and additional subject simultaneously, i.e you can not give improvement exam for the main subject and optional subject in the same year.

Question:- I failed in one main subject, how can I improve my marks in that subject?

First you will have to give the compartment for that subject in the same year, and if you pass and still don’t score good marks, then you can apply for improvement for that subject.

Question:- Will I get a new mark sheet for improvement result?

Yes, you will get a new mark sheet with “Appeared for improvement” written on it.

Question:- What if my performance is worst than my previous result?

In case if your result is lower than the previous result, then you can show your earlier result wherever required. But, if you do perform well in improvement exam then you will have to carry both the mark sheets.

Question:- How many chances will I get for improvement?

Only one chance is given to apply for CBSE improvement.

Question:- What is the time period of applying?

One can apply in the preceding year, e.g if you passed in 2016, then you will need to given improvement exam in 2017 else, you will not be eligible to apply.

Question:- When can I apply for the additional subject?

The time period in which you can apply to improve your marks for the additional subject is 6 years. i.e within the 6 years of result deceleration, you can apply for improvement of the additional subject.

Question:- Can I fill the form of improvement while doing further studies?

No, you can not apply while pursuing further studies.

Question:- Do I have to give the practical exam again?

No, if you are pass in the practical exam, then you will only have to appear for the theory exam. But, if you are fail in practical, then you will have to give the practical exam as well as theory exam regardless of the fact that you were passed in theory. The marks of practical exam will be same if you were pass in it.

Question:- Do I have to go to regular schooling again if I apply for improvement in all the main subjects?

When you apply for improvement, then you are considered as a private candidate. It’s totally on you if you want to go regular schooling or not. But if you want to improve your marks in all the main subjects, then with the permission of school, you can go for regular classes.

CBSE Improvement Application Form Procedure & Last Date

The application procedure is considered as the most difficult part to apply for any exam or other government-related tasks. Therefore, to make it easy for students, we have given the complete procedure to apply for improvement exams.

Since the online mode of application has been introduced, therefore, it is not confirmed yet that if the offline forms will be provided or not. But, if the offline forms are made available, then you can collect them from syndicate bank or from your schools.

the forms will be available from the last week of July or first week of August (not confirmed yet).

Here are the steps through which you can apply online:-

  1. Click on the link given below.
  2. In the first box, fill the last year’s roll no.
  3. In the second box, fill the 5 digit code of the school you are applying from.
  4. Enter the center code as per your previous admit card, and click on “proceed”.
  5. Now fill the details asked in the form (that will appear) correctly.
  6. After filling and submitting the form, you will get your “application number” and “roll no.” on the confirmation page.
  7. You can take a print out of confirmation page for future use.
  8. The fees can be paid via online payment gateway or e-challan, or through demand draft.
  9. When you completed the procedure, then send the photocopy of your mark sheet, passing certificate, confirmation page, and proof of fees to CBSE.

Apply Now
Follow these simple steps, and you can easily apply for the improvement of performance. Mean while do not stop looking for private jobs at good salary after 12th so that you do not waste your free time.

CBSE Improvement Exam Date Sheet For Class 12th & 10th

The date sheet of improvement exams and regular exams are same. Therefore, students do not have to worry about the exam schedule.

We will update the date sheet as soon as it is released by CBSE.

How To Download CBSE Improvement Exam Admit Card/Hall Ticket

Unlike regular candidates, private candidates do not have the leverage of getting things done for them by the school. The regular students get their admit card from school, but for private candidates, the story is a bit different.

The admit card will be available from the month of February (not confirmed).

Luckily, private candidates can now download their admit card online. Follow the below-stated procedure to download.

  1. Click on the link/button given below.
  2. Click on the “admit card/intimation letter” button that you will see in the new tab.
  3. Now, choose the option using which you want to search your admit card. Fill in the correct details, and then click on the “proceed” button.
  4. If entered the correct details, then your admit card will be displayed to you.

Download Admit Card
With these simple steps, anyone can get his/her admit card online from the official website.

If due to any reason you are not getting your admit card, then you can contact the authorities of your exam center as they will issue you the duplicate admit card, after you show them a valid ID or photocopy of confirmation page of your application.

But, if you still face any trouble, then immediately contact your CBSE regional office.

Improvement Result & Marksheet

The result for improvement exams is declared at the same time as regular exams i.e in the month of May. You can check your result online just like you did last year.

CBSE Re-evaluation Process Online

This part of the article is for those students who are not satisfied with their marks and want their answer sheet to be checked again. All the important details about re-checking are given in this article.

Know how strict is CBSE evaluation process, to get a better idea before you apply for re-checking.

Before proceeding, let me tell you what actually the revaluation or rechecking is. Actually, the process of re-evaluation is divided into three main steps. You can not directly challenge the board to recheck your answers. Just navigate the content through the button given below.

Note:- Student can only apply for re-checking for the theory of the following subject:

English Core, English Elective, Functional English, Hindi Core, Hindi Elective, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, Economics, and Accountancy.

# Verification of marks

The very first step in the revaluation or rechecking is “verification of marks”. It is simply the process in which they see if you have got the correct marks or not. Following are the points that are checked in this step:-

  1. If all the answers that you wrote are evaluated or not.
  2. There is no mistake in totaling of the marks.
  3. The correct total marks are represented on the title page.
  4. The supplementary answer sheet as mentioned in the main answer sheet by the student is intact or not.

Based on these points the marks of a student are added or reduced. No remarking will be done for an answer that has already been checked and assigned marks. If you are satisfied with the marks obtained after this process, then you do not have to go through the other two steps.

Points to remember

The application for verification of marks should be given within 7 days of result declaration (same goes for compartment and re-checking).

The student will have to pay Rs. 300 per subject as application fees for verification of marks.

The verified marks will be uploaded on the official website of CBSE. If the mistake is found, then they will send a formal letter.

Only after completing this step, you can apply for the next two steps.

How To Apply For Verification Of Marks

Following are the steps to apply online for verification of marks.

  1. Click on the below-given button.
  2. In the new tab that will open, click on the “Apply for verification..” button present at the top left corner.
  3. Fill the form correctly and then submit it.
  4. Do note your application number while applying the form.
  5. The fees can be paid via payment gateway or e-challan.

Apply Now
Follow these simple steps to apply online for verification of marks. You can now apply for the photocopy of your mark sheet, if still not satisfied.

# Photocopy Of Answer Sheet

As mentioned above, if you are not satisfied with total marks you got after verification of marks, then you can challenge the CBSE board for a photocopy of the answer sheet. Following are the benefits of getting a photocopy of answer sheet:-

You can calculate the marks on your own, and make sure that the total marks given are correct. In case if you find any mistake in calculation of marks, or you find any answer unchecked, then you can contact your regional CBSE office to correct that mistake.

If you think that you have been awarded fewer marks for your answers, then you can challenge the board for re-checking of your answer sheet.

You will get the photocopy easily on the net if applied for it.

Points to remember

Following are the main points that you should know before applying for the photocopy of answer sheet:-

you will have to upload an undertaking on the prescribed format. The undertaking will have to be scanned and uploaded with the application.

Any details about the examiner/evaluators/any other official associated with the examination process will not be displayed on the answer sheet.

You will need to pay the fees of Rs. 700 per subject to apply.

Only online mode of application will be accepted, and the fees should be paid through payment gateway (online mode) or by e-challan (No other mode will be accepted), along with duly scanned required documents.

You will not be allowed to display your answer sheet for any commercial or any other use.

How To Apply For Photocopy Of Answer Sheet

Applying for photocopy of answer sheet is simple, just follow these steps:-

  1. Click on the button below.
  2. In the new page, click on the option “apply for answer book” in the header (2nd from right).
  3. Again a new page will open, click on the “apply online..” option (1st from the top).
  4. Now fill the required details carefully, and follow the instructions.
  5. After that, you will need to go to the “generate undertaking page” and follow the instruction accordingly.
  6. Then you will proceed to the “upload document” and upload the required documents.
  7. Next, you will have to pay the fees by going to the “fee payment” option.

Apply Now
These are the main steps that you will follow to apply. Don’t worry you will know what to do  once you initiate the process. But, if you still face any hurdles, then you can ask us in the comment box.

As said earlier, if you are unsatisfied with the way your answers were checked, then you can apply for rechecking of your answers.

# Revaluation Of Answers

The revaluation of answers is the final step in the re-evaluation process. If a student is not satisfied with any of the steps mentioned above i.e verification of marks, and photocopy of the answer sheet, then s/he can apply for the revaluation of some particular answers.

Points to remember

A student can apply for revaluation only for the subject mentioned above in this article.

Maximum 10 questions can be challenged for rechecking, and each question will cost Rs. 100. So, pick the questions that you are sure about.

the applicant will have to refer to the marking scheme in the subject concerned (which
will be available on the website), along with the question paper, and then submit
the application for revaluation in the required question or questions with reasoning.

If the marks are increased in any question, then the fees will be refunded for that particular question. But, if the marks remain unchanged or decrease, then the fees will not be returned.

The change in marks (increase or decrease) will be mentioned in the new mark sheet. The status of revaluation will be uploaded on the official website of CBSE.

How To Apply Online For CBSE Revaluation

The process to apply for revaluation is same as applying for a photocopy of the mark sheet. You will encounter the following steps:-

  1. Click on the button given below.
  2. This time, you will need to click on the “apply for reval” option.
  3. Now, Step by step complete the procedure. First, click on the “apply online” button. and after filling the details, proceed to next step.
  4.  Next, go to the “generate undertaking” option, and follow the instruction.
  5. “upload undertaking” is the next step.
  6. Finally, make the payment via “fee payment” option. The fees can only be paid via online mode or e-challan.
  7. You can check the status of your application later whenever you want.

Apply Now
This way you can easily apply for the CBSE revaluation for class 12th or class 10th.

In case of change in marks in any step, the new mark sheet will be able to the candidate only when s/he will surrender the previous mark sheet.

So, this is the complete procedure of CBSE Revaluation or rechecking, and CBSE improvement. Hope this article helped you, but if you still have any query or doubt, then you can ask us in the comment box. We will be more than happy to answer.

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