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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We suggest you to get idea on what you are looking at in our web site and what we do with you when you are on our web site. Most of the visitors of our web site thinks they just came, visit and gone with a feeling that the web site owners (some web sites do that through subscription process, we do not collect any data from you.), web browsers, Google search engine or whatever the tools you use while you are on the net doesn’t know your visit to their web site. But that is not true. They do observe your activity on web sites.

This is only for the purpose of serving you better than before. What you browse and what you click describes your interested topic or area in the specific web site. So that the browsers will identify it and request the advertisers of that web site to know about it and produce the related information. So this helps you a lot to identify your needs and it helps you to fulfill your needs. The Google ad services do this for us. So your browser cookies will help to make this process easy. So we are not responsible for browser activities of your pc.

Other terms and conditions are involving the process of producing the content. We collect data regarding the notifications, career details from Google search engine only. We most of the times refer the official web sites of the organizations, but sometimes we will be mistaken and wrongly present the date due to missing regular update of the official site. Sometimes we may not observe these changes. You should understand these common mistakes. And we are not responsible for that. That is why we strictly suggest you that you all please verify the official web sites for the accurate data.

Sometimes we collect images or some pdf files or documents from the other sources. If we feel the credits genuinely required for the original source we do that for sure. If you miss some times, you can claim that data is yours and contact us through contact us page. We take care of it. We even remove the same if it is required. So your patience and understanding is required to sort out all the issues faster and provide more accurate data time t time.

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