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Delhi under Threat – Agencies Warn Terror Strikes on Holi, Security Tightened

One of the biggest Indian cities and the capital of the nation, New Delhi is a city which has a different charm about itself.

The city has been associated with several kingdoms and empires, and has been the seat of power for several millennia.

Delhi under Threat

However, the city, being the center of all administration, has always been the target. Be it invaders like Nadir Shah, or be it terror organizations in the modern times.

With an improved security and a strong secret service network, our cities are now much secured than ever before, and information agencies have been doing their work really well. It has now been reported that Delhi is under threat of a major attack.

Security has been tightened across the national capital, as it is being reported that six ‘hardcore’ terrorists, being led by a former Pakistani soldier are in the capital, aiming at blowing up major hotels or a hospital in or around Holi.

The Delhi Police have had 2500 paramilitary soldiers across the city. It is being said that six Pakistani terrorists along with a former soldiers have entered the country on the 26th of February.

The Delhi, Punjab and Assam police have been warned and the states have all been put on high alert. The official alert that has been issued reads: “The intention of this group is to kill citizens in Delhi in hotels and hospitals on or before Holi,” the alert said.

The soldier that has come into India is being said to be Mohammad Khurshid Alam, also known as Jahangir. He has been working as a recruiter and a trainer of Jihadi terrorists in Assam. It is said that in 2015 he visited the madarsa in Barapeta district, where he stayed for five days.

Delhi has been put in high alert, and it is being said that an attack of 26/11 proportions might be on the works. Holi, especially being a festive time, sees many people out on roads and at restaurants/hotels at night, enjoying with family and friends.

With an extended holiday for most working class people, this is an ever more dangerous situation as more people would be out on the streets than ever before. The Delhi Police are however, alert and ready to take down these terrorists.

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Updated: April 22, 2016 — 6:48 pm

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