RRB Non Technical Exam Reasoning and GK Questions – 2016

By   April 1, 2016

1. Below are given statements followed by some conclusions. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with the commonly known facts.

1. Health insurance in India caters only to rich.
2. Health insurance sector should be regulated.

I. Health insurance sector should be nationalized.
II. Health insurance is not required for the poor.

Decide which of the given conclusions logically follow(s) from the given statements.
A) Neither I nor II follow
B) Only conclusion I follows
C) Either I or II follow
D) Only conclusion II follows

2. If COW ÷ CW = 13, what might be the value of COW?
A) 272 B) 195 C) 323 D) 387

3. Madhubani painting style is native to which state?
A) Odisha B) Andhra Pradesh
C) Bihar D) Madhya Pradesh

4. The sum of two digits of a number is 10. If the digits are interchanged, then its value increases by 18. Find the number.
A) 46 B) 64 C) 19 D) 28

5. Punched card is also called ……..
A) Hollerith card B) Video card
C) Sound card D) Accelerator card

6. Where in the human body can you find the islets of Langerhans?
A) Small intestine B) Pancreas C) Stomach D) Heart

7. If ! = ÷, # = +, ^ = ×, then calculate the value of 32 ! 4 ^ 7 # 5
A) 68 B) 61 C) 54 D) 65

8. What comes next in the series? B, D, H, N, ?
A) V B) P C) S D) W

9. If Cost Price of 5 cars is equal to Selling Price of 4 cars. Find the percentage of profit or loss?
A) 10% Profit B) 10% Loss
C) 25% Profit D) 25% Loss

10. Which single discount will be equal to two successive discounts of 12% and 5%?
A) 15% B) 7.5% C) 16.4% D) 12.2%

11. If Reena sold 12 mobile phones for Rs.188. 160 which cost Rs.14,056 per phone, what was the total profit made by her?
A) Rs.19,488 B) Rs.17,621
C) Rs.21,014 D) Rs.18,958

12. Find the value of sin2 30 cos2 45 + 4 tan2 30 + (1/2) sin2 90 − 2 cos2 90 + 1/24.
A) 3 B) 4 C) 2 D) 1

13. Granite is an example of ……..
A) Metamorphic rock
B) Sedimentary rock
C) Igneous rock
D) Artificial stone

14. The ratio between the weights of gold and silver in an alloy is 17 : 3. If the weight of silver in the alloy is 2.7 gm, find the weight of gold in the alloy.
A) 12.6 gm B) 15.3 gm C) 18 gm D) 21.2 gm

15. Which of the following is the currency of Thailand?
A) Rupee B) Dollar C) Baht D) Yuan

16. Which tennis player has won the maximum number of Grand slam titles?
A) Pete Sampras B) Andre Agassi
C) Roger Federer D) Rafael Nadal

17. The perimeter of a triangle is 28 cm. If the length is 5/2 times its breadth, find the length and breadth of the triangle.
A) 9 & 5 B) 10 & 4 C) 6 & 7 D) 11 & 3

18. Who was declared the ‘Time’s person of the year 2015?
A) Angela Merkel B) Vladimir Putin
C) Barack Obama D) David Cameron


1-B; 2-B; 3-C; 4-A; 5-A; 6-B; 7-B; 8-A; 9-C; 10-C; 11-A; 12-C; 13-C; 14-B; 15-C; 16-C; 17-B; 18-A.

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