Swaragini 5th April 2016 Written Updates

By   April 5, 2016

The Episode starts with Dadi taunting at Sumi and says Ragini is not her daughter. Swara sits at Ragini’s side and asks her to rest. Ragini asks her to go home and says Sanskar is also wounded and needs you. Swara says no. Swaragini plays…………….Ragini convince her. Swara takes Dadi’s blessings and hugs Sumi. She asks Sumi to keep her informed about Ragini’s condition. Swara reaches home. Sujata tells Swara that Sanskar is not eating medicine. Sanskar eats when Swara asks him. Sujata asks her about Ragini and says she will be fine soon.


Swaragini 5th April 2016 Written Updates

Sanskar says I didn’t want to take tablet, but eaten it seeing you tensed. He asks what to do to bring smile on your face. Swara asks him to be with her always. She rests her head on his shoulder. Laksh comes there. Seeing them sitting, he says he will come later. Swara says you should have taken rest. Laksh says I came here to ask about Ragini. Swara says she is still having fever. Laksh thinks it is all his mistake, and he should be with her now. Shekhar blames himself for allowing Ragini to help Swara. Sumi says Ragini have saved Laksh’s life.

Sumi asks Dadi to have food. Dadi refuses. Shekhar takes her forcibly to have food. Laksh enters their house secretly and hides. Sumi goes to kitchen. Laksh manages to enter Ragini’s room. He holds her hand and says I will not leave you alone and go. I promise that I will stay with you and fight with all the problems. Dadi tells Shekhar that nobody came to see Ragini, and says she have rescued Laksh. Shekhar says we don’t need any outsiders here. Dadi says I will not let anyone come near my Lado. She tells Shekhar that she is going to Ragini’s room. Laksh hears her and tries to free his hands.

Dadi comes to Ragini’s room and sees her sleeping. She asks Ragini to get well and promises that she won’t let anything happen to her. Sumi asks her to have food. Dadi says no. Laksh is seen hiding. Sumi convinces her to have food and takes her from there. Laksh comes out and sits at Ragini’s bed side again. He says I will not thank you for saving me life as Thank word is smaller infront of your doings. He ties the holy thread on her hand….Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays………..He recalls Kavya stabbing her. He says I thought I am going to die and just got a thought about you. He says I thought of you as I miss you and love you. Sanskar hugs Swara and says I love you very much. He says Ragini have done a big favor on me by saving you. I can’t stay without you. You are my everything. Swara smiles. Sanskar says Ragini will be fine.

Laksh takes care of Ragini while the son Saiyya plays…He recalls the moments between them and sleeps all night there itself. Next morning Sumi wakes up and finds Laksh sleeping.

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