Writing Your Way To A Multimillion Dollar Career

By   April 10, 2016

He is Richard McMunn, someone who has managed to achieve the dream of many authors, writing for profit and be one of the best writers. If you also want to experience the same thing as Richard, then this is for you.

Here Are The Secrets To Opening Up A Wonderful New Life For You As A Best Selling Author!

This video will teach you how to become a best-selling author and start the career with just working from home.

Having a good writing skill does not mean that a person can easily do writing for profit. Many writers worked until early morning, creating what they sincerely hope to be a runaway best seller, sent it to the publisher only to receive it back, unread with a rejection slip.

However, bad luck befalls traditional publishing houses nowadays. Many of them eventually went bankrupt, throwing some opportunities for you and presenting some astonishing possibilities for a compelling new life such as enjoying the writing lifestyle and publishing your books from anywhere in the world, either when you are on vacation in a tropical island, enjoying the outstanding mountain views, or just sit behind your desk, writing on the sidelines of the bustle of the office.

However, I’m not talking about writing like Stephen King which has spawned many books of an imaginative creative process. He created a world of mystery and parallel stories in his books that make the readers curious and are always looking for connections between one book to another. He was the first to make a great escape from the clutches of traditional publishers and began publishing new books online for self publishing for profit.

And the trail is now followed by many people, including Richard and you, with a good story to tell and a burning desire to start publishing a book – something that will be very difficult to achieve if we only rely on the traditional way.

I am also not talking about writing with perfect grammar to make your English teacher smile from ear to ear. Instead, I am referring to your ability to create an amazing product that will make you successfully writing for profit.

The video content

This is a two-day seminar from some of the best writers in the field of self publishing which is packed with all the things you need to know to start this business. This will help you start and run writing for profit from home or from anywhere you are even if you have never written a single book in your life.

Remember, it is very easy to make expensive mistakes and waste your valuable time if you do not follow someone who has been successful in doing it. If that happens, you will produce poor quality goods through a lot of trial and error.

By investing a little time, through this video, you will find the right formula of how to become a best-selling author that has been done successfully by other author and consistently produce top notch quality self-published books and sell them online. This is your best chance!

What you will learn from this video

Many things can you learn from this video. It reveals Rick’s little secrets of writing for profit and how to become a best selling author in a two-day seminar.

  • Step-by-step planning and action to start publishing your own business either full or part time.
  • Steps to develop ideas to make a perfect book and aim at the market.
  • Provide knowledge of what books can be the best seller and why.
  • How you can follow the recent developments and technological advances and get benefit from it.
  • How self-publishers find a new way to advertise online.
  • The secret on how to choose the right genre and topic in order to success.
  • How to copy the methods used by Rick and makingself publishing for profit
  • Where to look for outsources and how to handle it.
  • How to get someone else to write the book for you.
  • How to start with a minimum capital and ultimately work only for a few hours a day.
  • How to get 110% returns on some of your publications.
  • How much money you need to start this business.
  • Avoid the fatal error with your pricing that will eventually throw away your money.
  • The key elements of the “How to” book.
  • Unraveling the mysteries of copyright and stating the websites that will give you a full explanation.
  • How to face the competition.
  • Giving the solutions on what to do if there is already the best-selling book on the topic you select.
  • And much more.

Your benefit

Price discounts

Language is a game. It means there is a room for any writer to play around with words, to show their creativity and create self publishing for profit. However, investing can be one significant obstacle.

But you can rest and relax. Compared to those who attended the seminar should invest $ 2,500 plus accommodation and travel costs, you are in a very privileged position. You can get all the records in the package set and only need to invest $ 147. And if you go ahead right away, you can cut your investment as far as $ 50, reducing it down only to a small $ 97. This way, you can avoid the inconvenience during the trip and avoid wasting your money and time while enjoying a $ 50 discount.

100% satisfaction money-back guarantee

You will be given a video test drive for 60 days on how to become a best selling author. 100% money back guarantee if you feel that you do not get good results that correspond with what you expect even after applying all the techniques to work. If this happens, you can call the number below or send an email and you will get every penny of your investment back.

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