BHU PET/ UET 2016 Admit Card Download

By   April 7, 2016

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Sunday 10.04.2016 1st M. P. Ed. ( Theory*) M.Sc in Health Statistics
Sunday 17.04.2016 1st MPA- Vocal, Instrumental & MPA Dance (Theory*) MBA in Agri-Business
2nd Master of Tourism & Travel Management
Sunday 24.04.2016 1st M.A Social Work
  • M.F.A. (Theory*)
  • MPA in Musicology (Theory*) M. Sc. in Bioinformatics
 15th May 2016 1st M.Sc (Ag) in Soil & W’atcr Conservation
2nd Master of Agri-Business Management
Sunday   22/05/2016 1st M.Tech. in Agricultural Engineering (Soil and Water Conservation Engineering) M.Com
2nd M.Sc. in: – Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Computer Science, M. Sc. in Geologv/M. Sc. Petroleum Geo Sciences
Sunday 29/05/2016 lst COMMON EXAM
(MBA (Financial Management)/ MBA (Foreign Tradc)/MBA (Risk and Insurance))
2nd Masters in Corporate Communication Management
Wednesday 01.06.2016 1st .M.A. in Mass Communication
2nd M.Lib.I.Sc
2nd June 2016
  • M.Sc. (Ag)
  • M. Ed
  • M.A. Prayoianmoolak Hindi (Patrakarita).
  • M.Sc. (Ag.) Agro-forestry,
  • Master of Personnel Management And Industrial Relations
Friday 03/06/2016 1st
  • M. A. in: – Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Persian, Pali, Sanskrit, Telugu, Urdu, Nepali, English, French, I.P.R., German
  • M. A. in: – Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology
2nd M.A. in Integrated Rural Development and Management
Saturday 04/06/2016 1st
  • M. Ed. (Spl.) V.I.,
  • M. A. in: A.I.H.C. & Arch., History of Art, Philosophy, Linguistics, M.Sc. (Tech.) in: – Geophysics,
  • M.Sc. in: – Biochemistry
2nd M.Sc. in Statistics and Computing, M.A. in Education
Sunday 05/06/2016 1st M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences (Environmental Technology)
2nd M.Sc in Molecular & Human Genetics
Monday 06/06/2016 1st M.A. in Public Administration, M.Sc. in Plant Biotechnology
2nd M.Sc. in Forensic Science
Tuesday 07/06/2016 1st
  • M. Sc. in Environmental Sciences,
  • M. A. in Manuscriptoiogy & paleography.
2nd M.Sc. in Computational Science and Applications in Signal Processing
Wednesday 08/06/2016 1st M.A. in Conflict Management and Development
  • .Vl.A./M.Sc.: – Geography, Mathematics, Statistics, Home Science, Psychology M.A. (Museology)
  • Acharva
Thursday 09.06.2016 1st M.Sc Applied Microbiology
1st 1 CO M MON EXAM LL.M (1-YEAR).. LL.M. (2-YEAR). LLM (1LRDE)| M.Sc. in Food Science & Technology
  1. Master of Vocation in Logistics Management
  2. Master of Vocation in Retail Management
  3. Master of Vocation in Hospitality & Tourism Management
2nd MCA