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SSC CGL 2016 Important Geography Questions


Hereby we have provided Geography model questions for upcoming SSC CGL 2016 Exam

(Q.1) What is the time taken by Earth to complete one rotation on its imaginary axis?

  1. 24hr 37mins 23 sec
  2. 23hr 56min 4sec
  3. 24hr 52min
  4. 2hrs 52min

Answer: (b)

(Q.2) What is meant by the term ‘Midnight Sun’?

  1. Sun shining in polar circle for long time
  2. Twilight
  3. Rising Sun
  4. Very Bright Moon

Answer: (a)

(Q.3) The most abundant metal in Earth’s crust is:

  1. Iron
  2. Calcium
  3. Aluminum
  4. Magnesium

Answer: (c)

(Q.4) The Tropic of Cancer does NOT pass through:

  1. India
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Myanmar
  4. Pakistan

Answer: (d)

(Q.5) The study of lakes is called:

  1. Limnology
  2. Potomology
  3. Topology
  4. Hydrology

Answer: (a)

(Q.6) A piece of land that is bordered by water on three sides but connected to mainland is called:

  1. Isthmus
  2. Peninsula
  3. Island
  4. Strait

Answer: (b)

(Q.7) Which among the following is the island state of Australia?

  1. New Guinea
  2. Santa Cruz Island
  3. Tasmania
  4. Loyalty Island

Answer: (c)

(Q.8) The National Park ‘Valley of Flowers’ lies in the State of:

  1. Kerala
  2. Jammu & Kashmir
  3. Himachal Pradesh
  4. Uttarakhand

Answer: (d)

(Q.9) Shivasamudram Falls is found in the course of river:

  1. Cauvery
  2. Krishna
  3. Godavari
  4. Mahanadi

Answer: (a)

(Q.10) Macmohan Line demarcates the boundary between:

  1. India and Pakistan
  2. India and China
  3. India and Nepal
  4. India and Bangladesh

Answer: (b)

(Q.11) Which of the following soils is suitable for cotton production?

  1. Kankar
  2. Bhangar
  3. Regur
  4. Khadar

Answer: (c)

(Q.12) Afforestation is the process of:

  1. Clearing forests
  2. Cutting down trees
  3. Collecting forest resources
  4. Planting more trees

Answer: (d)

(Q.13) Which of the following places is associated with copper mining?

  1. Khetri
  2. Kolar
  3. Dhanbad
  4. Mayurbhanj

Answer: (a)

(Q.14) UmiamHydel-Project dam is located a few kilometers to the north of:

  1. Guwahati
  2. Shillong
  3. Kohima
  4. Imphal

Answer: (b)

(Q.15) The ‘Golden Fibre’ of India is:

  1. Cotton
  2. Silk
  3. Jute
  4. Hemp

Answer: (c)

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