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CBCS Grading System to be rectified by Delhi University

Delhi University

The students have protested vehemently after the implementation of the Choice Based Credit Scheme (CBCS) since it affected their grades badly owing to relative marking. Delhi University (DU) has decided to rectify the grading pattern under it. This new marking system does not take individual performances into account and grades are awarded on the basis of the average score of the class resulting in mass failure. When the DU first semester results were out, it was found that under the relative grading system introduced in undergraduate courses students will now have to score more than 100 per cent marks to get the top O (outstanding) grade in some subjects.

The Examiners had to convert absolute marks into letter grades and grade points through a UGC-devised formula. Some of the Executive Council members have also raised objections, saying the relative grading system was neither placed before the statutory bodies nor was it notified to the colleges before the results were declared. Due to this discontent about the system of marking, DU directed the CBCS committee to review the grading pattern and submit its recommendations.

A senior official of the University stated that the committee constituted by the Vice Chancellor to look into various aspects related to examination under CBCS held its meeting and has suggested some changes regarding computation of grades. The “cafeteria approach” was appreciated at first and thus, University Grants Commission (UGC) had in 2014 asked all central universities to implement it from the ensuing academic session. DU pursued the implementation though there was agitation right from the very beginning. This system would soon be rectified.

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