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Current GK 2016 : Current Affairs 2016 : Current GK In Hindi

Current GK 2016 : Current Affairs 2016 Current GK In Hindi, GK Updates, Latest General Knowledge in Hindi, GK Quiz, India & World GK with all Sarkari Naukri GK Capsule is here for all of you. Keeping in view all the upcoming exams i.e. IBPS CWE RRB, IBPS CWE PO/MT etc. This capsule contains all the current affairs till 2016

1. Australia, Japan and some countries, including Ireland Rabinj is free.

2. According to the United Nations, by 2050 nearly two thirds of the population will be living in cities will rise and 13 new large city.

3. In Asia, 146.2 million people will be upset because of flooding on a regular basis by the West to be more carbon dioxide left.

Current GK 2016 : Current Affairs 2016 : Current GK In Hindi

Current GK 2016 : Current Affairs 2016 : Current GK In Hindi

4. The last 10 years than in the last decades has produced plastic.

5. For those who love their pet dogs live. He is very much attached to the people and to the relatives of a problem than to recalls.
6. In Spain, at least laugh at a comedy club where you are paid.

7. former US President John F. Kennedy, a nine and a half inches long whale was buried with teeth.

8. At the lower Hinhinate horses are happy. When they are upset or hysterical, his neigh long.

9. Harry Potter author JK Rowling’s Harry’s teacher Dolores Umbridge as a teacher’s character was based on their reality. Quite like they used to dislike them as well as he used to be a teacher.
10. In Korea, the students test aircraft to avoid the hassle of passing time has changed.

11. How much money was going to Islamic scientists in the golden era of the professional athlete to earn as much as the present.
12. According to a research in 2000, any person living in the time of 12 seconds was noted. In 2013 it was time to 8 seconds.

13. Those who do bother them too much like a child, they grow up to be victims of obesity and heart disease are more fears.

15. The different tastes in coffee found in coffee seeds is caused by a particular type of oil Kafeol which is 0.5 percent of the coffee seeds.

16. It is believed that the Russian people would laugh because the American people less than a saying in Russia which is a sign of the stupid laugh without a reason.

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Updated: April 6, 2016 — 6:07 am

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