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SBI Clerk English Section – Syllabus, Books and Study Plan

Today I will tell you How to Prepare for SBI Clerk English Section. Dear students, to help in your best preparation. I have started a series of topics which will help you in preparation of SBI Clerk Preliminary Examination.

In the last post I have explained you about the syllabus of SBI Clerk Preliminary Examination 2016. In this post I will provide you a deeper section wise analysis. Today we will take English Language section and will try to find out how we can prepare for SBI Clerk English Section in best manner. A good preparation will not only give you confidence it will also help you to score high marks. And also bear in mind that this is not the last exam which you are going to appear. There will be many more exams and chances in life so your objective should be to prepare in an exhaustive manner. Such preparation will help you in long run.

SBI Clerk Preliminary Exam Syllabus

Let us now discuss syllabus and preparation methods for SBI Clerk English Language Section.

sbi clerk english section

sbi clerk english section

Syllabus of English Language Section: As I have told you that in the English Language section the questions will be from variety of topics such as Idioms and phrases, one word substitution, passage completion, error detection, passage correction, sentence correction, vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, word formation, sentence completion, comprehension, spelling tests, fill in the blanks etc.

Level of questions: Since the time duration of this SBI Clerk Preliminary exam is very less hence level of questions will remain easy.

How to Prepare for SBI Clerk Exam

Number of Questions and Marks: There will be 30 questions of 30 marks in the preliminary examination of SBI Clerk.

How to prepare for Comprehension

Reading comprehension is the ability to read text, process it, and understand its meaning. In comprehension test there will be a passage on which certain questions will be asked. There may be a few synonyms and antonyms questions as well based on that. The key is to read and grasp the passage quickly. Remember the answer has to be given from the contents provided. Hence the better you understand it more quickly and correctly you will be able to answer it. To score high marks in it you should improve your reading skills as well as vocabulary.  Reading English newspaper daily and comprehend from it on a regular basis is the best method for preparation. Also practice from previous papers and practice sets. If you can do well in comprehension part you will score high as you will be able to do many questions correctly. As a good number of questions are based on a single passage only.

Read the question carefully. Sometimes you are asked to ‘select the word opposite in meaning rather than similar’. Make sure you don’t hastily read the question and mark the option accordingly. Also read the first and last paragraph to get the gist of the passage.

Topics such as Idioms and phrases, one word substitution, synonyms, antonyms, spellings you need to study daily from good grammar books and previous papers. The more you practice for this the more command you will have on it.

For topics such as error correction, fill in the blanks and sentence correction,  you need to understand the rules of grammar which you can learn from good grammar books of 10th and 12th level. One very good book is of Wren and Martin:

For Para jumbles test, you do not need to worry just think logically and check the order of sentences from the options itself and you can solve these questions in a few seconds only.

SBI Clerk English Section – Study Plan

With efforts and regular studies you can master this section. But let me tell you frankly that you should not adopt shortcut for success. Make full and sincere efforts and you will see how easy it is to master this section or any other section. Many of my students often feel dejected as they are not able to perform well in their exams. But they never analyze the reason why they are not doing well. See, competition is equal for everyone and the time is also same. Those who utilize their time well normally emerge as winners. So never waste your time in getting disappointed rather always focus and prepare well even if you do not succeed. There may be delay but success is bound to come with this kind of approach. Let us now plan for SBI Clerk Exam General English Section.

  • Prepare each and every topic of syllabus.
  • Read a good English Newspaper daily to improve your reading Skills.
  • Try to learn new words and sentences on a daily basis.
  • Always keep a good dictionary with you.
  • Daily give 2 hours for preparation of this section.
  • Study from good grammar books to strengthen your concepts.
  • Practice from previous papers and mock tests.
  • Analyze questions which you could not solve and learn them so that you can do them correctly, next time.
  • Do not waste your time, always do meaningful things; it will give you energy and confidence which helps in your preparation.

Hope you have liked this article. If you have any question on this section. Do post your comments and I will try to help you as much as I can. Prepare hard for your SBI Clerk English Section and do well. Last but not the least I am suggesting you a few very good books for this section. These are very useful book for this section. If you wish you can purchase it directly from amazon from the links given below.

Objective English – R.S. Agarwal 

My rating: Extremely Good Book

Objective English – Mc graw Hill

My Rating: Very Good Book

Wren and Martin Grammar Book

My Rating: A must book for all aspirants

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Updated: April 22, 2016 — 10:47 pm

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