Telangana History Viriyala Dynasty

By   April 1, 2016

Telangana History Viriyala Dynasty 

Among the many dynasties who served the Kakatiyas devotedly, the Viriyala dynasty was a prominent one. They were chiefs of army of Kakatiyas and they described themselves as the descendants of Durjaya dynasty, like Kakatiyas, in their inscriptions. The Viriyala dynasty continued as subordinate/feudatory rulers for Rashtra kutas, Kalyani Chalukyas and Kakatiyas for around 600 years. They were related to Kakatiya and Malyala dynasties. Their history is reconstructed through ‘Gudur’, Moripirala, Kalukur, Pammi and Rayaparty inscriptions issued by them¬selves. According to their inscriptions, the founder of their dynasty was Poranti Venna.

Poranti Venna

According to the ‘Gudur1 inscription, after several kings in the, Durjaya dynasty Poraftti Venna was bom. It seems that he was an army chief under the Rashtrakutas.

Erra Bhupati

Erra Bhupati, son of Poranti Venna, succeeded his father as the chief of army of Rashtrakutas, according to Gudur inscription.


After Erra Bhupati, his son Bhima became famous as the army chief of Rashtrakutas. The Gudur inscription compared him with the Bhima of Pandavas

Erra Narendra

Erra Narendra was the son of Bhima. During his period, Tailapa-II defeated the Rashtrakuta dynasty and occupied their kingdom Sura Senani

Sitra senani

Sura senani had become famous after Erra Narendra. According to the Gudur inscription, Sura senani killed Kataya nayaka and made a person called Rawanrupa as the ruler of Velpugonda


Betana was the son of Sura senani. His details were given in Moripirala, Katukuru and Gudur inscriptions. His wife was Bejjamamba. He had four sons- Sura, Malla, Prola and Komma. They were very small by the time Betana died. So, Nagasani, wife of Betana’s cousin Prolasenani came from Rembarti to Pammi along with her sons Malraju and Mummadinayaka, according to the Moripirala inscriptions.

Rudramaraju, Surannapati and Malla Chamoopati

The name of Rudramaraju belonging to the Viriyala dynasty was mentioned in the Rayaparty inscription but his details were unknown. The katukur inscription gave details of the sons of Betana.

Annaya and Mylama

The Mylama inscription gave details about Annaya senani, son of Malla senani and his wife Aitama. The daughter of Annaya and Aitama was Mylama. She married the famous chounda senani of Malyala dynasty. Mylama issued the Katukur inscription, which reveals the histories of Viriyala and Malyala dynasties; Annaya senani was a con-temporary of Rudradeva, Mahadeva and Ganapatideva. The history of Viriyala dynasty after him was not found.

Bit Bank

★ How many years the people Viriyala dynasty con-tinued as commander-in-chiefs of army: • Nearly Six hundred years
★ Viriyala people served as Commander-in-chiefs with which dynasty or dynasties? – Rastrakutas, Kalyani Chalukyas and Kakatiyas
★ The inscriptions which informs about the history of Viriyala dynasty: – Guduru, Moripiraala, Katukuru, Pammi, Rayaparty
★ Who is the primogenitor of Viriyala dynasty? Poranti Venna
★ In their inscriptions Viriyala people claimed that they are the descendants of: . – Durjaya
★ The son of Poranti Venna: – Erra Bhupati
★ Erra bhupati served as a Commander-in-chief to whom? – Rastrakutas
★ Who served as Commander-in-chief of Rashtra kutas after erra bhupati? – Bhima
★ According to Guduru inscription, Erra bhima is equal to whom? . Bhima among Pandavas
★ After Bhima who became the Commander-in¬chief of army? . Erra Narendra
★ Who destroyed and occupied the Rashtrakuta kingdom during the period of Erra Narendra? – Tailapa-II
★ Who became famous after Erra Narendra in Viriyala dynasty? – Sura senani
★ The son of Sura senani: – Betana
★ Name of the wife of Betana: . Bejjamamba
★ The sons of Betana: • – Sura, Malla, Prola and Komma
★ Rayaparty inscription mentioned about: – Rudramaraja
★ Which inscription described about Surannapati and Mallasenani who are the sons of Betana? – Katukuru inscription
★ The son of Malla senani: . Annaya Senani
★ What is the name of the wife of Annaya senani? – Aithama
★ The daughter of Annaya senani and Aitama: – Mailama
★ With whom Mailama marriage was performed? – Chaunda senani, who is a famous person in Malyala dynasty
★ The inscription issued by Mailama: • Katukuru inscription
★ The contemporaries of Annaya senani: • Rudra deva, Mahadeva and Ganapati deva

Objective Bits

1.Viriyala dynasty people served as Commander-in-chiefs of army with whom?
1. Rastrakutas 2. Kalyani Chalukyas
3. Kakatiyas 4. All the above
Ans. 4
2. How many years Viriyala people served as Commander-in-chiefs of army with three dynasties?
1. 500 years 2. 600 years
3. 400 years 4. 550 years
Ans. 2

3. Who is the primogenitor of Viriyala dynasty?
1. Poranti Venna 2. Betana
3. Malla Senani 4. Bhima
Ans. 1

4. According Guduru inscription, who is equal to Bhima among Pandavas?
1. Rudrama raju 2. Malla chamupati 3. Bhima senani 4. Annaya senani
Ans. 3

5. The ‘Viriyala family member, who killed kataya nayaka and installed a person called Rawanrupudu in Velpugonda:
1. Sura senani 2. Betana
3. Erra Bhupati 4. Poranti Venna
Ans. 1

6. Which inscription mentioned about Betana who is a son of Sura senani?
1. Moripirala 2. Katukuru
3. Guduru 4. All the above
Ans. 4

7. Among the following who is the Contemporary of Annaya senani?
1. Rudra deva 2. Mahadeva
3, Ganapati deva 4. All the above
Ans. 4

8. The sons of Betana:
1. Sura 2. Malla
3. Prola, Komma 4. All the above
Ans. 4

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