Yeh Hai Mohabbatein : Shagun and Pihu talk about Ruhaan! 4th April 2016 Written Updates

By   April 4, 2016

The Episode starts with Adi seeing an old man in the car mirror. He rushes to help him and saves him from getting hit by a biker. The man thanks him and asks his name. Adi says my name is Adi Bhalla, pray for my mother, wherever she is, its her barsi today. The old man prays for his mum. Adi goes to Mr. Bhalla and Appa, and asks them to come. The man says such a lovely guy, his mum has given him really good values, he is only link between his Dada and Nana.

yeh hai mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th April 2016 Written Updates

Ishita sees Ruhi’s pic and is going her barsi. She asks the helper to attend call. The lady says it was call from hospital. Simmi tells Mrs. Bhalla that puja will end now and Raman will come after some time. Adi goes. Amma comes there and sees Bhallas doing Ruhi’s barsi. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to take Ruhi’s pic, else Pihu will get confused seeing it. Appa asks Amma to come and takes her. Adi sees them. Amma says Ishu’s barsi is not conducted there, Pihu can’t know that Ishita was her mum, but Pihu can know Ishita was so good. Adi hears them and gets sad. Amma cries. Appa asks her to come, pandit is waiting. Adi sees them doing Ishita’s barsi.

Shagun and Pihu talk about Ruhaan. Pihu says he is my fav singer. Shagun says he is just 14 years old kid. Pihu says he is not a kid, he is teen sensation. Adi asks them to go home, and he will park the car. He asks how to park the car here, the madrasis have parked here. She says you can park there, that’s our place. He says you don’t know, go to Iyers and gets keys. She says Dadi fights with them, she scolded me before. He asks her to go and come fast, Dadi won’t know it. She goes. He says Amma will be happy seeing Pihu there, I hope Pihu sees Ishi Maa’s pic today.

Appa sees Pihu and asks do you want anything. Pihu asks for car keys. Adi signs Appa. Appa thinks Adi got Pihu. He says I will give car keys, come and watch tv. She likes her fav show. Adi sees Ruhi’s pic and worries. Appa sees Pihu and says why is she coming here, she can see Ruhi’s pic. He gives her Prasad and hides Ruhi’s pic. He signs Amma about Pihu. Pihu says wow, this aunty is pretty, who is she, why is garland on her pic, I know when someone goes away, garland is put on pic, did she go anywhere, why are you crying, Is she your daughter? Amma cries.

Ishita collides with a girl and says sorry, are you okay. She sees Ruhi in her and smiles. Udaasi ke lamho mein…. She hugs the girl. The girl asks her to leave. Ishita sees the girl’s face and apologizes. She asks are you alone. The girl says mumma is there, she is unwell, she has chest pain, if anything happens to her then… Ishita asks her to kiss her mother’s hand, pain will get less. The girl goes.

Adi says this aunty was really nice, I miss her, Pihu pray for her. Pihu prays for Ishita’s happiness. Amma smiles and thinks your daughter prayed for you after many years. Pihu likes the Prasad. Amma says we make fav dishes of the someone for whom puja is done, these are Ishu’s fav dishes, you can have it, sit. Amma feeds her. Appa and Amma see Pihu eating Ishu’s fav dishes. Amma prays for Pihu and thanks Adi for getting Pihu here. Pihu likes the food and talks to Amma, saying if my Dadi knows, it will be trouble. Adi says yes.

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