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Area & Population of Karnataka

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Karnataka is one of the major states in the southern part of the Indian subcontinent. Its territory covers an area of 191,791 square km (74,051 sq. mi). It accounts for 5.83 percent of the total area of the country (32.88 lakh sq. km). Area-wise Karnataka is the seventh largest state in India.

In terms of area, Belagavi is the largest district spreading over 13,415 sq. km (5,180 sq. mi) and Bengaluru Urban is the smallest district covering just 2,190 sq. km2 (850 sq. mi) in Karnataka.

Population of Karnataka

According to the 2011 Census of India, Karnataka’s population stands at 61,130,704 (61.13 million / 6.11 crores), which is 5.05 percent of the total population of the country. This figure comprises of 50.9 percent male population and 49.1 percent female population. The state has an urban population of 23,578,175, (23.57 million / 2.35 crores)  which accounts for 38.57 percent of its total population.  The rural population of Karnataka stands at 37,552,529 (37.55 million) , which is 61.43 percent of the state’s population.

As per the census data, Karnataka is the ninth most populated state in the country. The population density of the state is 319 per sq. km (830/sq. mi). This figure is much less than the national population density of 382 per sq. km. Karnataka has a sex ratio of 973 females to 1,000 males. The state witnessed 15.7 percent decadal growth in population from 2001 to 2011. The literacy rate of the state is 75.4 percent, which is better than the overall literacy rate of India at 74.04 percent.

In terms of population, Bengaluru Urban is Karnataka’s most populous district with a population density of 4,381 per sq. km (11,350 per sq. mi). Kodagu is the least populated district of Karnataka with a population density of just 135 per sq. km (350 per sq. mi). Among the cities, the capital city of Bengaluru is the highest populated one in Karnataka.

According to the Census of 2011, the population of Karnataka is 83 percent Hindus, 12.2 percent Muslims, 3.1 percent Christians, 0.8 percent Jains, 0.7 percent Buddhist and less than 0.1 percent Sikhs. The remaining population follows other religions.

Karnataka Map. Image created by Raghu Naik NC

Karnataka Map. Image created by Raghu Naik NC

Area & Current Population of Karnataka

  • Area of Karnataka: 191,791 sq. km
  • Population of Karnataka as in 2016: 66,076,021

Statistics of Karnataka as per Census 2011

  • Karnataka Population: 61,130,704 (61 million)
  • Male Population: 50.9 %
  • Female Population: 49.1 %
  • Urban Population: 38.57 %
  • Rural Population: 61.43 %
  • Karnataka Population Density: 319 per sq. km (830/sq. mi)

Gender Ratio

  • Karnataka Sex Ratio Average: 973 females per 1,000 males


  • Literacy Rate: 75.4 %
  • Male Literacy Rate: 82.47 %
  • Female Literacy Rate: 68.08 %

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