Did PM Modi insult National Flag on Yoga Day? Court to hear plaint.

By   April 8, 2016

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A Delhi court on Wednesday took cognisance of a complaint against Prime Minister Narendra Modi for allegedly “insulting” the national flag last year on International Yoga Day and during his visit to the United States.

“I take cognizance of the complaint. Fix the matter for May 9,” Metropolitan Magistrate Snigdha Sarvaria said, asking the complainant to depose and produce evidence in support of his allegations against the PM.

 Ashish Sharma, the complainant, has sought the court to direct police to file an FIR against Modi. In his complaint, Sharma said the PM had “disrespected” national flag at the Yoga Day event held at India Gate by using it as a handkerchief.

“He (Modi) was again careless at the time of handing over the national flag to Barack Obama when he signed over the national flag which is against National Flag Code,” the complaint said.

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